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Thread: The Hours

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    The Hours

    I wouldn't call this movie awesome.......but its perhaps one of those 'must sees' simply because it will get a few awards. It took best dramatic movie at the golden globes....beating out Lord of the Rings as well as others like the pianist.

    This movie isn't action packed, its not really that thought provoking. Its just the story of three women in different eras. Virginia Woolf's writing is the theme. im not a huge fan of hers.

    I will say the acting is superb tho. Ed Harris and Nicole Kidman especially. Meryl streep is her normal dramatic self and Juliane moore does pretty well also

    Basically i posted about this because its gonna win some academy awards and i thought you all should know what movie they are talking about

    I don't recommend seeing this over other great films that are out right now. Gangs of New York, Catch me if you can, Chicago, The Pianist, Adaptation...........see these first........then if you have some cash left........go to ' The Hours' Perhaps its worth just seeing Nicole Kidman's prosthetic nose

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    aawww i wanted to see this!! i cant wait yey
    R.I.P Brian and Chris Ditto hunny!

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