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    Did he give up?
    Brian K. Errickson (aka Just) June, 12th 1975 - June, 12th 2003

    You were my friend and the brother I never had. I love you man and I hope now all the pain has gone away. May god rest your soul.

    "By these requirements, if someone digs up a 3-billion-year-old skeleton, we can toss Evolution from science class. So, if you don't want Evolution in science class, start digging!"

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    Re: Artis

    Yep, guess so. He's recently engaged so I assume he's paying more attention to his significant other rather than us. That's the reason I haven't called him move his guys around.

    Frank's HD isa dead team fer sure.

    Same as last year bro..we seem toalways lose few members and then they give up on their team. Cest la vie.
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