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Thread: Is this the most screwed up election in a long time?

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    Re: Is this the most screwed up election in a long time?

    Honestly I dont think its the day. Voting is more akin to voting for your favorite person in a high school election. Empty promises, banter about change and what they can do for you and yet when they are elected...nothing. I think people dont vote because they dont see the changes a candidate makes affecting their own lives. For most people, they could care less about who is in office.... they see it more as a popularity thing.

    I know you'll say, but if the republicans have power this can happen! or if the dems have power that can happen!... but really most people wont see changes that either of those in office make in their own lives. You know unless of course your in that upper echelon of people who have a shitload of money... then you care.

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    Re: Is this the most screwed up election in a long time?

    If I hear a candidate talk about getting the cafeteria to have whole, skim, 2%, AND chocolate milk, I'm definitely voting for that guy!
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    Re: Is this the most screwed up election in a long time?

    I think it is that people are just fed up with the whole political system...I know I am and for just about the exact reason zero stated. All the hopes, dreams, and aspirations we are force fed for 6 months out of an election year go unheeded...year after year, and election after election. The Republicans point at and make fun of the Democrats. The Democrats return the favor. In the end, we are always left with a bunch of border line criminals. Of course with this election there is a buzz because the Republicans have reclaimed themselves as king of the mountain...and it instills a sense of hope that things will be done differntly, and for the better. But we all know come around February all that will be worn off and the partisan methodology that is destroying this country will be back in full force. Nothing cringes me more than to watch our political officials sway their votes for the mere "good of the party". A house divided is no house at all.

    I don't vote not because I am lazy, or that I just don't care, I don't vote out of spite. All you are voting for these days are what you consider to be the lesser of two evils. And some people are so gung-ho about their favored party, they will vote for whatever piece of meat they throw on the pedastal. People call me unpatriotic for not doing my duty as a citizen (God I am so sick of hearing that argument...I have a right to bear arms too but I have never owned a gun...does that make me unpatriotic too??). They say that if I don't like how things are run, that I MUST vote in order to change it. Yeah, and where has that gotten us? If you really want change...then let's really change the system!!! We have as much a constitutional right to coup against our government as we do to vote for it, and since I am no way prepared to do that on my own, I fight my battle by not participating in it. If everyone else were to do the same, we could really start to see things change. And who knows...maybe it wouldn't work that well...but I am at the point where I am willing to take my chances.

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