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Thread: Black ops?

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    Re: Black ops?

    Quote Originally Posted by [zer0] View Post
    You dont need the highest end stuff these days. The sandy bridge 2600k is $330 bucks.. it can easily be overclocked the 4ghz..way more than you'll need for todays games. You also dont need the best video card as well... that really depends on the resolution your going to be running. A lot of research to be done.
    Wow, I read up on that CPU and I can't believe that it is that much cheaper while still being a better CPU. That is crazy. I priced out a pretty nice gaming machine under $2,500 with that cpu. We will see if I can get better stuff for cheaper when I get my income tax back.

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    Re: Black ops?

    I'll add this advice here...if you're going to go with an SSD to boot and load some games on, make sure and read the reviews on NewEgg and compare them with the following multi-page chart. If the model column is a link, it goes to a review so bone up on your SSD knowledge there.
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