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Thread: Question on NAS

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    Question on NAS

    I finally convinced my dad to go with a NAS instead of maintaining a full server that just plain out isn't needed anymore.

    If we get one, we are just going to swap the drives from the server to the NAS. We already have them setup as a mirrored RAID for which they do their system backups to.

    My question is, can this be done without having to format the drives in the new device?

    Second...whats a good NAS out there nowadays. I am thinking of this one...

    Should meet their needs just fine and I have heard good things about Synology products.

    As usual, you input is appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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    Re: Question on NAS

    Answer to 1st question is: "probably not". I'm guessing you'll be prompted to initialize the hard drives when you insert them since whatever OS (or flavor of Linux) running on the box could be using a different file system.

    BTW: That particular item just now went out of stock. I was browsing the page and refreshed it and a big red "SOLD OUT" popped in there. Buy one after the holidays.

    Amazon has it for the same price & free shipping. Q3C0E
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