This is a really good movie. James Franco does a fantastic job in it portraying Aron Ralston....the hiker who gets his arm pinned by a boulder in a canyon crevice and ultimately has to cut it off with a dull knife. You might think going into it, "Ok, dude gets trapped and cuts off his arm...end of story.", but what you actually get is a truely inspiring ride of someone who comes to terms about whether or not his life is worth living.

The movie was made by Danny Boyle (creator of movies such as Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) and he really captures the essence of the situation, the struggle, and the triumph. You are not only enveloped by the inevitabile emotional stuggle, but you can almost feel the pain when he starts to amputate his arm. I can't imagine what this guy went through, physically and emotionally, but I don't think any other method of telling the story could come close to the job that this movie did in attempting to portray it.

I give it a 5 out of 5. What really strikes me is that going into the movie, you already know what is ultimately going to happen, so you can't judge it on those merits. Instead, it is everything else that goes along with it that really makes this one of the more orignal and inspiring movies I have ever seen.